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What’s In A Face

Take a look at these 4 pics.  Now please check out the following information:  The first pic was taken when this horse was 3.5 yrs (last week)……then the 2nd when he was 2.5 yrs old, the 3rd at 18 mos and the last pic at 6 mos.  (If we hear one word about a t post or whining about hoof care from the baby pic, we may have to resort to violence and shove the t post where the sun don’t shine!)  This is strictly about MARKINGS since it’s been a ginormous issue.

The comment was made by 2 different posters (hmmmm) that a horse’s facial markings will shrink as it grows.  Several other posters argued the point.  Then it turned ugly.  So we removed the horses we were debating and have now put up 3 pics of a KNOWN horse to allow this debate to rage on.

Now this little man if you look in the last pic, has a very distinctive marked face.  Not just the shape but check out the black dot on the bridge of the nose.  Now as you compare pics, we specifically chose different ages and times of year to allow for the hair coat concept (that maybe the marking disappears due to longer hair)…..yet we see the EXACT same markings in the pics as the horse grows.  This is in direct conflict with the poster stating the facial markings will shrink and do not grow with the horse. 

This is the exact same horse in all the pics and his facial markings don’t seem to be shrinking.  If they did what is suggested, white markings would never be used as identifiers and we would have some serious problems in the horse world.

Removal of Posts & Comment Editing

After an anonymous poster slammed someone we chose to defend and then attacked another person, the writing group is choosing to remove 2 posts.  This is no different than us removing a picture that was posted by accident and a poster asked for us to take it down.

Concerning comments…….we have been accused of deleting comments.  However, this is a outright lie.  Just as we do not moderate the comments prior to them being posted, we have not deleted anything except for a picture per the request of the owner of said picture.  The accusations are ridiculous as anyone who uses this blog knows…..the minute you push post as and verify your address, your comment is posted.  Unless your internet connection were to go down while the information was being sent or a power surge or tumblr is tempermental, we assure you that no comments are being deleted. 

Having said that, we want you to know that anyone who posts personal information about another person or directly attacks them is going to be deleted.  It does not matter who is attacked.  It will come down.  Threats will NOT be tolerated.  Nor will harassment. 

Finally, we will NOT be bullied into silence.  There is a particular person who is quite unhappy with our blog and they have made up their mind concerning who they feel is at the helm.  We have repeatedly stated this blog is a cooperative effort and those on it will remain nameless.  There is a lot of speculation about who is writing the blog and these are being posted on other sites.  We can only speculate ourself as to the reason.  Perhaps if they draw attention to this person and claim it’s only to defend themselves, then maybe people will ignore the hypocrisy.  Perhaps they really hate the person they are going after.  But we are quite shocked that in a matter of less than a week, this person’s name has shown up on two different blogs and is being accused (mind you, by an anonymous person) of using anonymous comments to attack Miss Fugly.  It’s insane and it’s some kind of stupid tactic that is not working.  At the request of the person, we are removing the blogs to which the accuser refers and not to hide anything.  But, since they are so upset by the defending of this person (and we are not quite sure why this attacker is so angry), the person said, “Take them down. Besides, if someone is so stupid to think a horse’s markings cannot be used to for identifying purposes, there is no way to get them to understand anything beyond the end of their nose.”  On that note, for clarification purposes, please understand when we delete a post, ALL comments will go with it.  We can’t help that and we apologize for it.  Anyway, does anyone want to push the little red button that will delete stuff?  3——2——1   KABOOM!

Love 4 Tbs, Miss Fugly? Really????

See this gorgeous OTTB?  This is the only pic of him as he has now been shipped off for slaughter……and at the end this post, we will do something we usually don’t, we will point a finger at someone we believe is personally responsible for this animal NOT being saved. 

As many of our readers know, we strive to be honest and research to find the truth.  There has been a crazy amount accusation against those who work to prevent good riding horses from ending up leaving our country and end up in a slaughter house in Canada.  It is their belief; these horses deserve to find a good home and they are providing a service to let the general public see what horses are available. 

We want to make it public knowledge that we support this group and their work.  We firmly believe they have every right to present these horses for sale (which is exactly what they do).  The FL owner does not want his lot crawling with the public (and quite frankly, he has every right to feel that way.  Insurance may prohibit this….we don’t know…but we can see the potential for a dangerous situation to occur such as a novice “I want to save a horse” rider goes into a pen with a horse that may or may not be safe and gets hurt….lawsuits, death….the list of “maybes” could be astronomical). However, the FL owner is kind enough to allow Rebel’s on his lot and they choose to send in one of their assessors.  Pics are taken, the horses are featured.  And, the lucky ones find homes.  But not always are those homes right around the corner.  Sometimes the buyers are coming from as far away from WA as Florida.  Pretty dang far and the FL owner is not going to house and feed that horse for free.  NOR SHOULD HE HAVE TO.  Enter the QT and transporters.  But again, WHY should they have to do this for free?  They shouldn’t.  This is the way of the world.  You must pay for your house, your food, your car, your gas, etc.  Yet the FL owners, the QT ranches, the transporters, & even Rebel’s are expected to do this for FREE if you look at the logic of Miss Fugly.  No, they should not.  They are NOT a rescue group (though they are doing the right thing) and why should they not be allowed to tag another $25 bucks or so on the price of the horse to cover gas to the lot or their time

This has been bugging the hell out of several of us so we did a little digging and some serious checking around.  The following was sent to us via someone who was there.  FIRST HAND ACCOUNTING…..and just as we have presented stories of other people wronged by Miss Fugly, her “rescue angels” and the rabid sheep, we are going to do it again.  Please read the following story very carefully. 

In April, the Rebels Feedlot Sales Group sent an “assessor” to the feedlot to see what was standing there.  This is how they work.  She found a few that seemed suitable for sale to the public, made a physical inspection, then they called the usual riders and scheduled an appointment with them to come and put the horses through their paces. She took pictures and wrote out a description of each horse then sent them to the web master. Each horse was given a name, posted pictures and the descriptions on the board, then, the Group went to work on writing advertisements.


The horses were listed on April 29, 2010.

They had been working peacefully using these same procedures for over a year, no problems and no complaints until we sold one particular horse.. He was a 3 Year Old, 16+Hh, TB gelding priced at $575. He was a beautiful horse, gentle and willing to please. So we were not surprised to find a buyer for him fairly quickly. 

The horse’s name was Frisco.      

The buyers purchased Frisco from his legal owner at the Feedlot, loaded him up and took him home. This is when the trouble started.

The buyers turned out to be a Rescue named R.A.C.E. They claimed to be a ‘Splinter group’ of another Rescue named Second Chance Ranch and both groups were frequently mentioned as ‘Acceptable Rescues’ by Miss Fugly herself. As Frisco was an OTTB so he carried a tattoo from his racing days.

Someone read his tattoo, traced his registry and located his last registered owner. The next day the poor woman was the subject of the Fugly blog. Her picture was posted along with the contact information of both her home and her workplace….And the typical Fugly torment began….floods of emails were sent by the rabid sheep, phone calls were made to both her home and her office .  We can only imagine the horror she must have suffered at the hands of these ‘unidentified attackers’ before she was given a chance to explain that she had given the horse to a trainer for the purpose of re-training him as a saddle mount. She had no idea that the trainer had sold the horse to someone else or how many people had owned the horse before someone sold him to the Feedlot. 

Having said that, she is still vilified by the rabid sheep and Miss Fugly for in their minds, she should never have gotten rid of the horse.  (Gosh, sounds kind of like the whole incident with Pete doesn’t it….owner sells a horse, assumes a good home and then because of circumstances beyond the owner’s control, the horse ends up in a bad situation.  However, for some reason that we cannot begin to even claim to comprehend, the owner is a horrible person who deserves to be attacked.)…..  Reminds us of the Salem Witch Trials.

     Anyway, the woman is accused of “dumping her horse at the feedlot” and as most things on the net, it went viral and turned into a terrible gossip filled disease which eventually spread to the track where this horse had raced. The rabid sheep began attacking. And soon the “rescue war” was on and the battle lines were drawn.  The well-known trainer had one story, Second Chance Ranch another.  Toss in R.A.C.E.’s deception of buying a horse without disclosing who they really were and then the attacks on Rebel’s and you have a huge convoluted mess.  From this crazy finger pointing and blame game, the continued frenzy of the mob mentality and the rabid sheep spread to the Feedlot where the owner was subjected to furious phone calls from both the ‘Concerned Citizens’ complaining about his business practices (we know these as Rabid sheep) but he also began getting calls from his clients who were terrified they could be subjected to abuse, threats, and the torment that Frisco’s ex-owner had to subject.

Now, at this point we want to everyone to understand that we again are not going to take a stance on the slaughter debate.   But, we will defend the right for anyone to make a living as long as it is NOT illegal.  We have previously used the analogy of the tobacco companies being allowed to continue to sell a product that is known to cause death.  However, it is NOT illegal for them to make their living at the expense of others and quite frankly, it’s not illegal for any feed lot owner to make a living by selling horses.  It’s the way it is. 

However, the actions of the Rabid Sheep and their leader, Miss Fugly, caused the feed lot owner to come up with a solution.  His answer was simple;  if no OTTB’s (or any other animal that can be tracked via tattoos) are rescued, then he and his clients won’t be subjected to the threats, verbal abuse, and online defamation of character he went through along with the trainer, the former owner and everyone else involved.  Therefore,

OTTB’s were to be placed under a NR order ( No Rescue) and this is now their fate.

They are not seen, not assessed and have no hope of  surviving long beyond the trailer ride that will take them across the border to the slaughter house.  Rebel’s will no longer have access to these lovely, deserving creatures now, nor be able to continue to try to get them off the feed lot. They will all die, nameless and unseen by anyone who would love to help them.

Our personal take on this, because of Miss Fugly’s direct action of choosing to “out” the owner of Frisco and encouraging her rabid sheep to go after her and everyone else related to this horse, she has essentially condemned the OTTBs on the feed lot to die.  We have all seen from her recent post that she claims to have a soft spot for TB broodmares.  If this is true, how on earth can she not see what she has done and stop it.  Any normal person, even if they did not want to admit to the world what they have done, how can she look at herself in the mirror and not think “oh crap I screwed up” and then quietly change her ways is beyond us.

But instead, she is continuing to attack innocent people and she has made no bones about publicly criticizing the Rebel’s Feed Lot Group and anyone who is not on her approved list but tries to help horses who are slaughter bound.  Quite frankly, we commend them for the way they conduct themselves.  They make no bones about the fact they are providing a list of horses that are going to die.  THIS IS A FACT.  It is NOT the “emotional blackmail” Miss Fugly accuses them of.  Yes, they are making the plea to buy these horses fast because they will go to slaughter.  It’s not a SCAM………….it’s the reality of it and no matter how you package it, the ugly truth is if the horse is not paid for, it’s slaughter bound.   But for some reason, Miss Fugly has deemed this “wrong”.  She cites people profiting from their deaths but wait a minute……if the horse is yanked off the lot, it is not going to die.  Little confused there, Miss Fugly?  She also accuses those working the feed lot sales as preying on people’s emotions to make money.  Uh…..ok, so the only difference we see is that they don’t hide the fact if they do make money and they don’t ask for donations under the guise of “rescue”.  They are not a 501c3 and they don’t beg for financial help in the form of donations or gifts.  They will happily take money anyone offers to get a horse out of the kill pen as that is the reason they exist.

Having said all that, we want to address this issue of dishonesty vs honesty when it comes to “saving” a horse.  Rebel’s is honest about where the horse comes from, put a price tag, offer transportation for a fee, and boarding for QT also at a fee.  This is pretty much as we stated the way it is.  If you buy a horse from a seller but can’t pick it up for a month and you don’t have a trailer, you are going to pay board until you get your horse and you are going to have to pay someone to pick it up (or pay for the gas even if you do own a trailer).  The only thing we see the rescues are doing differently is rolling the cost of the board and transportation of the horse from when they acquire it into the price of the horse.  And we know for a fact that some rescues DO indeed charge for board once you adopt their horse and if they provide transportation, they charge the adopter as well. 

Back to the idea of getting an OTTB, if you are out near Rebel’s you can’t save one from the feed lot anymore thanks to Miss Fugly …But, if you want to buy a TB you can go to Second Chance Ranch, they are ‘stuffed to the rafters’ with OTTBs ……According to her you can now be spared being ‘scammed’ by the Rebels who advertised horse like Frisco for $575 and you can go to SCR and pay their ‘Honest’ prices and give yourself a little pat on the back for  helping “rescue” one of their horses.

It’s Brokering—No Matter WHO Is Doing It

Today’s posting is NOT directed at the people who are featured by Miss Fugly.  Quite frankly, we like their site.  We see it as a valuable service they are providing to match people who want a particular type of horse to people who want to find a new home for that same kind of horse.  The fact they do it as a free service is really nice.  Other sites charge for photo ads but apparently here its totally free.  Later, if they decide to make a buck by charging for premium ads or video clips or highlighted ad, that quite frankly would be okay too.

However, we do have a problem with the hypocrisy of THIS site being granted the status of “Miss Fugly Approved” while others are slammed for pretty much doing the same thing.  It’s a problem.  And this is why:

1.  The mares are being “sold” by their owners.  Yet, Miss Fulgy doesn’t see this as a problem because they are registered TB broodmares.  But time and time again, people on other online equine classifieds as well as on CL are slammed for selling their horses.  Why is it ok for these TB broodmares owners to sell them (many do not have prices listed—-we saw one for $1000) but it is not okay for other people to sell their horses?  We want an explanation

2.  Why are TB broodmares more “worthy” of getting homes than let’s say horses standing on a feed lot?  A few of these mares are listed as “breeding sound” and are coming from breeders.  WHAT?   WHAT?  Did we just read this correctly?  Miss Fugly is promoting a site that has breeders, SELLING their stock and hawking some of these mares as breeders.   We are sorry but this is damn wrong.  If these people are allowed to breed their horses, sell them, and even promote them as broodmares (in our opinion when someone states “breeding sound” it’s suggesting to the new owner to buy the horse to breed) then EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO HAS A HORSE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELL THE HORSE TOO!

3. This site can offer a service of hooking sellers up with buyers but an organization like _________ Feed Lot Horses is the devil incarnate because????  We are sure there is some big fat bogus reason that Miss Fugly will give and all the sheep will nod their pathetic little rabid heads in agreement as if to say “oh yes oh yeah, you are so right”  But this is our read on it:  the owner of the FL horse is a bad man.  He sells horses for slaughter so he can make money. Therefore, anyone who facilitates putting money in his pocket is a bad person too, especially if they make a buck or two on the sale.    Well BOO HOO, Miss Fugly and the rabid sheep, in AMERICA which is where these FL are, we have this little thing called “free enterprise” and part of the joys of living in our country is you are allowed to make money.  HOLY BATTURDS, Batman.  It gets better, sidekicks.  Even if you don’t like how someone is making their money, as long as they aren’t breaking the law, they still have the right to make a living.  We don’t like that tobacco companies are allowed to sell cancer sticks but that doesn’t mean we can stop them from making their money.  We don’t like that Vodka is sold to people with alcoholism—-but again, just because we don’t like it, doesn’t mean we can stop them from doing it.  We may not like the end result of where the horses are going (and we are neither supporting nor opposing slaughter at this time) but at this time, what the FL owner is doing is not illegal and he has the right to make a living. 

4.  How about this for hypocrisy?  We have Miss Fugly who is screaming about overcrowding and responsible horse ownership yet she is singing the praises of a site that from scanning the ads are selling their horses AND promoting the years of breeding left on these mares.  Please remember, while we see NOTHING wrong with selling a horse, the hypocrisy is that Miss Fugly is actually perfectly fine with these owners getting rid of their horse and making a profit.  We are damn sure she’s going to say in her defense “well, their ad clearly says to a good home only” and when one of those mares ends up a few years down the road on a feed lot, nearly dead from being overbred, she will be the first one in line pointing the finger and screaming her infamous “asshat”.

 Normally, as most of our regular readers know, we usually do not post names, etc.    However, THIS is quite interesting so we just had to point it out.  It’s the icing on the hypocrisy cupcake.  This is from the “links & stuff” from the TB site.  Please make careful note of the very last site they provide you a link to:

Links and Stuff There are so many people out there doing great things! For a wonderful success story about reschooling an older mare, be sure to read Nina’s Story.  Barbara Brant was kind of enough to contact me about her blog, and I am pleased to include it here. This project would never have gotten started without the support and encouragement from my friends at CANTER, the Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Horses. Gail Vacca is helping many thoroughbreds in Illinois at the Illinois Equine Humane Center.   Although I know him by reputation only, Joe at Thoroughbred Friends in California has been doing such great work placing OTTBs over the years!  Fugly Horse of the Day, although sometimes controversial, has done great work helping horses.  Her blog changed my mind about breeding and selling horses, opening my eyes to the darker side of the horse industry.  Thank you for featuring this site!Well, isn’t that convenient?  Would we be considered out of line to ask if perhaps this whole thing was planned between the owner of the Tb site and Miss Fugly??? On that note, we take back what we said before about really liking the site.  It’s just another rabid sheep in wolf’s clothing and they are far more dangerous than any lone hunter. ”Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” — Matthew 7:15
Hypocrisy of Hypocrisy? Another Disclaimer

Well we have been accused of being hypocrites:  deleting posts and picking on Miss Fugly.  Therefore, in the accusers eyes that makes us just like her and as such, hypocrites

We want to make something very, very clear concerning this blog.  It exists solely to call out what in our opinion is hypocritical and to challenge Miss Fugly to clean her act up.

We will not allow posts by our readers to do exactly what she does:  making false accusations against others and attacking them.  We believe our readers to be independent thinking beings and do not feel we need to police your comments prior to them being posted.  However, if you take a position opposite of what we think, we may continue to try to argue our point.  This is a concept known as persuasion and it’s taught in damn near every high school and middle school communication or language arts program across the country.  “take a controversial issue and write a paper making me see your point of view”

And yes, we openly point out Miss Fugly’s shortcomings concerning her attacks and down right wrong information concerning horses.  We will continue to do so.  But we won’t attack her personal life nor post her phone number or where she boards her horse(s)

Please do not think us unkind….but if you are looking for us to support her, you have come to the wrong blog.  Please use the gate to the west side of the pasture and don’t forget to latch it!

About The Branches of Government—-4th Grade Social Studies
As the RS seem to have either forgotten what Miss Fox taught one of us in the 4th grade, didn’t pay attention, are too busy bleeding to death from their broken heart or are from a foreign country and don’t get the American justice system, we feel a little “learnin’ ” is in order.  Class pay attention.  From Miss Fugly’s School of “we think it should be run this way”:

Pantera says:

February 8, 2011 at 9:04 pm

I’m getting sick of these half assed investigations.

SPCA:We’re taking your animals and charges will be pressed!
Accused:Oh dear!What if I just handed them over willingly???
SPCA:….Oh well thats fine,no worries,we’re cool.

ARG!Some one got it right when they said this just encourages ass hats like this idgit to repeat offenses over and over again until they finally get charged and slapped with a ban.For god sakes!SLAP A BAN ON THIS ASSHOLE!He’s just going to do this again to another poor youngster,I can almost guarantee we’ll be seeing a repeat of this in the not so distant future because the authorities are too lazy to get the job done right and don’t want the paper work to deal with.I hope they can sleep well at night knowing he’s just going to wreck another horse and possibly kill one next time.

There are 3 branches of government:  executive, legislative, and judicial.  Executive basically is the administrator (gosh like the president or a governor or a mayor)  This person gets to sign bills into law or veto(for more information on this, please see School House Rock “I’m Just a Bill”…..sitting on Capitol Hill…..condensed version set to a catchy little ditty!), appoint people to jobs, be in charge of armies and cool stuff like that.  But, sadly, when you want some guy killed for harming a horse—-he can’t really help you on a per case basis.  Now, he can let a person go—-it’s called a “pardon”.  Not like pardon me I just burped but kind of like “excused” for bad behavior.  Gosh, if a pardon exists——what happens if they let someone go you think is a bad guy.  Awww, Mommy….too damn bad.  Get over it!

Legislative:  these guys MAKE laws (really they sponsor bills and vote on them to get them to the guy with all the army power but they write them and things)  THIS is who you talk to about getting stuff done to change the way it is.  However, it’s a long, hard, painful process (hellooooo——-change is never easy) and even if they get close to getting a super dooper nifty bill ready to be a law…..there’s this thing called a filabuster that can kill a bill on the floor (we did NOT just threaten anyone named bill——-it just means the proposed law ran out of allotted time because someone wasted all the voting time by talking about pointless and random things so a vote could not be taken and the bill would not be able to become a law)  Isn’t it neat-o to see someone who understands how our gov’t works?

Judicial:  This is the Judging part.  For all intents and purposes, these are the people who really get to decide the fate of the big bad animal hurters (not to be confused with herders)  They interpret the laws that are on the books to see if indeed something was done wrong.  They can recommend sentences, change sentences, or even give them out if a jury is waived. (We don’t want to confuse the RS with too much information so this is a good stopping point!)

So how about all this “the cops ain’t doing their jobs”.  TIME OUT!!!  Police officers are NOT lawyers.  They have a specific task where animal cruelty, neglect & abuse is concerned.  Gather evidence within the confines of the law and use the evidence to determine if charges can be brought.  Having said that, since every state has different laws and even within states, different municipalities laws and how those are enforced differ greatly, everyone needs to educate themselves on how their state and county (maybe even city works).  So the cops get the info and they either determine or pass it to the next guy (usually called the PA—-prosecuting attorney  or DA——district attorney) to determine if the evidence shows enough to ask for a warrant.  They cannot just go in with their badges and guns and take the animals——that’s called an illegal seizure.  It’s a no no!  (But rescues are banking that you don’t know that and that they can bully you into “voluntarily surrendering your animals” and they even have you sign them legally over, giving up your ownership——whoa, wouldn’t it be cool if DFS or CPS could do that to crack hoe mammas and beating up baby daddys  “just sign over the kid and you can have this beer & a get out of jail card).

TIME OUT——rescues want the power to get people to “voluntarily surrender” their animals with promises of no jail time, “we won’t have to get the cops involved”…..”we will go away and you won’t ever hear from us again”——BUT THEY GET ALL UPPITY WHEN THE SHERIFF OR A DA OR THE JUDGE DOES IT. 

Excuse us………..they legally have discretionary power to do so. 

Anyway—-we have now given the misguided flock a little civics lesson for the day & we hope they can see just a bit of how wrong their cult leader’s interpretation of our government and the way the sheriff/pds HAVE to operate. 

And finally, as we were scrolling through some Miss Fugly old posts looking for something specific a posting entitled something ridiculous like “Horse Ownership Is Not In the Bill of Rights” .  Ummmmm…….hmmmmmm   Well, we got news for you Petunia……

Please read thisL

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Psssst…..Horses are property…..which means people have the right to own them and not have them unreasonably taken away unless there is probable cause… since a horse is property and people have the right to own property…..uh uh…..we kind of want you to be aware that under the Bill of Rights….you DO have the right to own a horse……….Damn that bubble gum machine paralegal degree sure the hell ain’t much use is it now?  About as useful as a temporary tattoo in a swimming pool!

The Hypocrisy of Rescue

We figured there were be come kind of inflammatory post since her positive one didn’t appear to get much of a rise out of people (or she’s got her blog on autopilot since nothing but today’s blog has been posted recently). Whatever the reason, there it is again.  We all know about the plight of today’s horse—anyone who has even an ounce of sense about them knows we are in a bad place with horses.  But, do we have to be told who to vote for (our right), that all cops are part of a “good ole boy society and conspiring against the animal rights people (the comparison of child abuse to ignorance about an animal really pisses us off), and then begs us to give money to  SCR & Katie who just recently stated they need $150K to keep their rescue running.  However there are attacks made constantly against groups that post horses on feed lots FOR SALE, who never make any money on those horses.  What give here?

So we thought taking a look at the whole rescue gig would be a good idea.  We are in NO WAY saying rescue is bad or that there is not a need but we want everyone to look carefully at how many rescues operate.  In particular, we are getting really upset that certain rescues are being presented as some how better than others or more worthy, we they are ALL doing the same things:

1.  Going and getting horses from an auction—-sometimes bidding against families who want the horse—-not the kill buyers

2.  Buying horses off of CL and other sites, when again, families are looking as as well.

3.  Stepping into high profile cases, often getting in the way of law enforcement, to snatch up a “moneymaker”  

4.  Threatening horse owners or intimidating them by presenting themselves as the law and illegally seizing horses.

5.  Keeping horses that probably should be put down alive or trying to “save” a horse that really needs to be humanely euth-ed.

6.  Ridiculously high adoption fees and sliding adoption fees (based on the training or registered/grade horse)

7.  Unrealistic adoption contracts (We are particularly fond of ones that have misinformation in them—-like telling you about vaccines that don’t exist that you must give your horse or that a horse needs to be dewormed only 2x a year  OR our favorite is telling you that you must allow the rescue on your property at any time to inspect it, examine the horse, and give them access to your other animals as well.

8.  Begging for money (all of the 501c3s do it—-it’s how they function)

9.  Persecute, persecute, persecute anyone they feel is an animal abuser or guilty of neglect (frankly, we would prefer the jails stay full of rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and other violent criminals over a dude who got too many horses, lost his job & didn’t know what to do with the horses——call us crazy but we don’t see the latter as a huge threat to society——just need of education and a job!)

So here is what we see as the huge hypocrisy of rescue and the biggest problem :

 MOST people who donate to a rescue do so because they want to HELP a horse that is ALREADY in the rescue……NOT give the rescue capitol to go get another one when there are horses available for adoption in the rescue.  Some rescues provide sanctuary for a horse, though we are not sure WHY (if there is an appropriate home, why NOT let that horse go).  We personally think the rescuers get too attached to their “work”.  It’s also, in our opinion, a great way to fund your own horse right?  (Donate now to give “Trigger” more hay in his forever home so he won’t ever see abuse or neglect again. Meanwhile, Susie Rescue has a nice pretty palomino to ride around whenever she wants)  And stop trying to save horses that need to be put down.  There is so much money and effort wasted on a horse that really would benefit from being put down!!!!  So why won’t rescues operate this way:

Aim for zero population.  Simple really.  Adopt everything out BEFORE you run out and get another one UNLESS there is a serious case and you are not at your maximum number.  We recently had a very lengthy discussion about this and set up a model of how we would run a small rescue.

5 acre pasture—-3 horse maximum.  All horses would be $1000 (training doesn’t matter, registration is irrelevant, etc.)  No stallions would be adopted out.  We would open with a grant that would be large enough to support these 3 horses for one year with the hopes they are not there for very long.  Donations would be taken and earmarked by the giver and put into an account for such (vet, hay/grain, farrier, or general funds).  Donations of items would also be accepted but NOT things like saddles, bridles, etc.  Things FOR the horses:  de-wormer, blankets, trough heaters, etc.  The goal would be to place the horses in good homes and we would aim for zero population with adoption being our goal.  We would allow adopters to sell or transfer ownership as long as we knew where the horse was going but ultimately, we feel if you give $1000 for the horse, it’s yours.  When a horse was adopted, the funds would be used to first cover any outstanding $$$ from that horse and then divide the rest evenly among our accounts.  We would NOT go looking for a horse to rescue to fill that open slot—-instead, we would focus on adopting the others.  However, if a needy horse showed up on our doorstep and we had the room, it could go into that slot.

Voila——no hoarding at the rescue, no “forever residents”, no scamming the public.

Now we want to hear from you.  Tell us your thoughts on rescue!

What are the top two things that Ms. Fugly is constantly harping about?

If you said helmets and breeding “fuglies”, you are correct!

First off, the helmets: If there is a picture up of someone who isn’t wearing a helmet she goes nuts. It doesn’t matter if it is a child or an adult, she tells them to put a helmet on. However, there are multiple pictures of her riding without a helmet (a few have been put on posts before) and now we found a little trinket from her past. From the verylargecolt blog:

Yes, I know I am not wearing a helmet. I am sure somewhere there is a blog called Stubborn Assholes Who Won’t Wear A Helmet where you can talk about what an idiot I am. Sorry, I hate the damn things. I’m one of those people.

Ok, so why is she telling other people that they need to be wearing a helmet if she doesn’t. There are some contributors of this blog who won’t wear helmets because they don’t like them, and then there are others who won’t get on a horse without one. If you are of the group that doesn’t wear a helmet, you have no right to tell others that they must wear a helmet. The one exception is a child, but even then it’s up to their parents or riding instructor. If you (and yes Fuggs, we’re talking to you here) won’t wear one you have no right to tell a parent that their child must wear one. If you say they are being irresponsible then we’re throwing that label back at you.

The second hypocrisy of the day: breeding. From what we have gathered, the fuglyblog was started as a place for Ms. Fuggs to rant and rave about horses that should not have breed. Well fugly, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder because we don’t think that VLC/VLS should have been bred (either on purpose or as an “oops” baby, but obviously you do:

I have debated putting up pictures because Very Large Colt is a stallion prospect, and if I were purely focused on his marketing, no amateur photo of him would ever see the light of day. However, I am not going to breed him unless he can earn a show record worthy of that, and after he does that, I figure his record will speak for itself and it will not matter if there are some bad pictures of him on the Internet. Also, the kind of people who cannot see through the occasional bad picture are probably the same people who own fugly mares I would refuse to breed anyway. So what the hell…

A couple years later and Fugly has said that he will be gelded, but as far as we know that has yet to happen. Ms. Fugly: If you want to be a trusted website that people turn to for advice, we suggest you be the first to follow your “rules”.

What’s More Important? Saving the Horse OR Burning the Witch

This is a pathecally starving, obviously uncared for horse.  Which is now in the hands of a rescue.  A rescue which is UNWILLING to give up the name of previous owner.  GOOD FOR THEM!!!!

We personally applaud this rescue for having the sense of mind to know what is important.  Who cares about being sued or persecuting the owner (for all we know, the owner bought this mare in the condition to get her to a resce)?  WHO THE HELL CARES WHERE SHE CAME FROM?  The most important thing is that she is in a rescue who obviously wants what is best for her.

Here’s our big beef with “outing” alleged neglectful or abusive owners:

1.  If you get a reputation for turning over people to the cops, the less likely people are going to be to voluntarily bring horses in that are in bad shape.  They may resort to dumping them at auctions under assumed names, leaving them to starve to death, dumping them in front of rescues with no inkling of who or what they are, or just point blank shooting them.  Is THIS in the best interest of the horse?

2.  Maybe there is an open police investigation and the rescue has been asked to keep quiet while the police do their work.  Prosecuting animal neglect and abuse is NOT as easy as what people think.  You may see a picture of a starving horse and think, damn whoever did that should be in jail.  Really?  Well, what if the “person” who did it was a boarding facility who was supposed to care for a horse while they were out of the country serving in the military and friend popped in to check and found the horse in that condition.  How the hell do you prove the boarding facility did it and how do you protect yourself from “well it’s your horse” argument?

Our big question is this?  WHY does Miss Fugly want the “owner” outed?  So the Rabid Sheep can start making harassing and threaten phone calls to the person?  So they can flood police departments concerning a horse that is already in a safe place?

Here’s what we think:  her blog is floundering.  She couldn’t get enough of a rise out of her latest posts——the dog one was just stupid, people didn’t think the little buckskin was fugly, most people thought the 52 thoroughbreds was a scam—-so now she posts a pathetic little horse and is BEGGING people to find the person and stalk them.  This is down right sick.  Miss Fugly, you need serious, serious help.  We are busying ourselves finding the names of some good pro-bono shrinks out there for you.  Otherwise, we have one here who is willing to try internet counseling if you are open to it.  Sick woman.  Sick Sick Sick

Thank You Very Much Captain Obvious….

Miss Fugly, do you really think your readership is too damn stupid themselves not realize that someone who tries to MAIL a living thing is  completely off their rocker??? Does this even warrant your time to type out the story when it’s been headlined days ago?  This is the type of ridiculous posting that you simply put to rile the folks up.

We agree mailing a puppy is not a good idea and is worthy of some kind of jail time but really stating you are going to beat someone to death with a sign.  Again, why on earth aren’t YOU doing some jail time for threatening someone?  It would be just fantastic in your eyes if one of your mindless, rabid sheep did just that.

Given the fact you CLAIM one of your “good little web investigator” (We read STALKERS) found her social networking page and then you proceed to post comments to “show how stupid she is”  (SHE MAILED A PUPPY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD——WE GET IT——SHE’S NOT THE BRIGHTEST CRAYON IN THE BOX), we are pretty dang sure that someone could find this woman and act on your suggestion (and yes, we do see it as a suggestion you are providing).

Think it won’t happen?  Think again——thanks to your information one of your rabid sheep have already (just 5 comments in mind you), posted the woman’s phone number and suggest the rabid sheep start the attack.  

caligirl9 says:FEBRUARY 3, 2011 AT 11:51 AM

… and the genius posted her phone number to a friend’s_______. Anyone wanna call her? __________according to a _____ entry.
And she is also a fan of Obamacare … that says enough to me. Affirmative action at its finest?

We are very sorry this woman mailed a puppy.  Perhaps suggesting to someone in some authoritative position that she get some mental health care is a good idea.  Threatening to kill her and posting her phone number for your rabid sheep to go after, most definitely is not.

And by the way, using someone’s phone number to call them and harass them about ANYTHING is against the law and depending on how tough the victim is, can land your ass in jail.

Clean up your act, Miss Fugly!!!!  Before you get someone hurt and then have to wash the blood off in some poor unsuspecting horse’s water trough!